There are endless possibilities to this 1953 Plymouth Suburban.  The current owner was planning on making it one sweet Rat Rod, but has been forced to abandon the project. Check out the cool graphics and the friends that reside in one of the rusted out holes.  These have been fiber glassed in and are a part of the car.  As well as the headliner that is hanging down and the red rag in the gas tank filler neck. Also check out the tire and wheel below.  This is a brand new tire made to look old and rotten.

It has a brand new Buick 401 Nailhead V8 motor already installed.  It is equipped with a new 6 pack ( 3  2 barrels) carburetion setup.   It features a Ply-Do dropped spindle kit with disc brakes, a rebuilt Buick switch-pitch transmission, new metal floors, all new glass and a front seat re-upholstered with Indian Blankets.  The rear hatch door has been modified to open like a SUV while the original doors were like barn doors.

It also has a Ford 9 inch equipped with 3.00 gears.  It still needs wiring.

This will be a super cool ride once completed.

It is being sold for less that then the $25,000.00 that is already invested.

Will let it go for $23,000.00


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